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How The Fiery November 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long


How The Fiery November 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long

It’s time to come together.

In many ways, this is the month we’ve been waiting for all year. November is the time when so many of the lessons that we’ve been encountering during the past ten months finally come together, and not only are we able to recognize them but we’re also able to make different choices.

And your zodiac sign’s monthly love horoscope for November means it’s time for big movements in astrology, which will translate into sudden changes for us in our lives, but specifically in our romantic relationships.

We begin the November love horoscope with Venus, the planet of love, still in retrograde but just having moved into Libra, and this not only changes the entire direction of her astrological phase but the month as a whole. While October was about the “me” and focusing on our own growth and demons, November will be about the “we” and working together with our partner to bring about the best possible results of everything that we’ve been through.

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If during last month we were drawn into isolation, this month we will want to be around those who matter most to us, and that includes our primary romantic relationship.

Just a few days after we see the Sun trine Neptune in Pisces, which will really set the tone of romance and optimism for the month, we see several strong influences that will start setting things in motion for what will end up manifesting by the end of the month. The first is Uranus entering Aries during its retrograde phase, changing our attitudes from a grounded and more practical approach to a set on fire and motivation to go after what we most want.

This aspect is just in time for us to really seize those big opportunities that this month promises. We do have the option to do things differently but we also have to make the choice to go after them and pursue them at all costs. And while Uranus loves change, in Aries it also likes to deliver on those promises.

Shortly after we experience our new moon in Scorpio, which will intensify our desires and passions, making it impossible to remain where we have been. New moons are a time for beginnings, for starting something that we hope to manifest within a month’s time, and to ultimately let ourselves move forward.

A new moon in Scorpio is especially powerful because of its alchemist properties and how it will help us transform ourselves from who we were into who we were meant to be, and with that the romantic relationships that also honor our highest selves.

When we think of what encompasses a life and love that honors our highest self, we think of integrity, honesty, peace, passion and the ability to be free to explore life and all its alleyways. To help us embody these qualities and truly build a life based on these principles, Jupiter will be moving into Sagittarius for the next year, truly changing how we think about ourselves but also our life.

Jupiter in Sagittarius wants us to become more of who we are, to live a life that we love, and to incorporate truth and authenticity into every aspect of our lives.

What many of us will see is that the first few weeks of November inspire us to truly start acting according to our soul’s truth. Perhaps there might be some delayed periods of action while we sort through whatever feels like is coming in for us, and we are able to process and plan what our next steps are.

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But ultimately, November is truly about doing something, not just thinking about it as we had in months or even years passed. The difference between now and before is that we’re actually ready. While October was very difficult for many of us, it did provide the necessary time and lessons for us to think about things, to absorb our part in our stories, and to really take a long hard look at ourselves.

While astrology affects us here on earth, sometimes we have to go through multiple mileposts before we are ready to act upon them, because often the obstacle that most lays in our way is ourselves. How we think about ourselves truly determines what path we choose and what we are able to accept into our lives.

In this case, because October was so dark it gave us time to sit with ourselves and see things from a worst case scenario, which for many was the wake-up call that we all needed.

Peaking around the middle of the month is the special astrology of 11/11, a significant turning point for those on a soul contract journey like twin flames, especially given it’s an “11” year. This date, more so than other years, will be truly powerful in helping serve as a defining moments on these important journeys.

Heading into this month, we need to try to stay balanced and centered so whatever decisions and choices we make we do so from a new perspective and not from the mindset of reoccurring patterns. We need to surrender to the flow of life and the divine so we stop trying to control things, stop pushing or making things how we think they should be, and instead let them reveal to us.

November truly has the power to change our lives and help bring us together with those that we are meant to be with on our journey, because sometimes we really do learn, and sometimes we really are ready to be better and do better.

The past is never a reflection upon what the future holds; it only serves as a reminder of what brought us to this moment. We get to decide when we want to stop holding ourselves back, when we want to free ourselves from the smallness we had expected to be our reality, and only then can we move ahead, come together, and live a life of truth with our forever love. 

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Kate Rose is a artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website Words of Kate Rose.

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