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Who Is Glenn Weiss’s Fiancé? New Details About Jan Svendsen


Who Is Glenn Weiss’s Fiancé? New Details About Jan Svendsen

Glenn Weiss proposed to Jan Svendsen onstage at the Emmys. Who is she?

Who Is Glenn Weiss’s fiancé? It’s not every year the Emmy broadcast becomes the most romantic show on television. But for 2018, Glenn Weiss took home the award for best Director, Variety Special and he set himself up to win ‘Best Proposal Ever’ as well.

When the director took to the stage to accept his award for directing the 2018 Oscar broadcast, he got emotional as he told the audience that he was missing his mother who had passed away just weeks ago. Then he turned to his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen and told her that he hoped she would be his wife. She rushed to the stage to accept the ring he gave her and his proposal of marriage.

We all now know that Weiss is an amazing director and will be a fantastic husband, but who is Jan Svendsen? Read on to learn more about the biggest winner of the Emmy ceremony. 

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1. Broadway baby

Jan worked at the Broadway League for 17 years, first as Director of Marketing and Business Development then as Chief Marketing Officer. She oversaw the marketing and branding of Broadway across all of North America.

2. Theatre for all

Part of Jan’s work at the Broadway League was focused on making theatre accessible for all kinds of audiences. She helmed initiatives such as Kids’ Night on Broadway, Women’s Night on Broadway and Viva Broadway, programs to bring more diverse audiences to Broadway shows.

3. Producer credits

In addition to all of that, Jan produced major theatre events such as Broadway on Broadway, Stars in the Alley, Tony Awards Preview Show and Tony Awards Red Carpet Show.

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4. Charitable causes

For the past year, Jan has been the Chief Creative Officer for Charity Network, which includes overseeing content for Prizeo and CharityBuzz. If you wonder how you get from Broadway to charity, don’t be so sure it’s a big leap. If the name Prizeo seems familiar, it’s because it’s the network Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda uses for his various sweepstakes to benefit charities. 

5. Total shocker

Jan was completely surprised by the proposal, largely because Weiss kept the whole plan under wraps. Vanity Fair reports that Weiss said, “Literally the only person who had a heads-up was my dad” and that Weiss had asked his dad for his late mother’s ring. He didn’t even warn the production team at the Emmy show. The shock on Jan’s face was completely genuine. 

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6. Perfect proposal

Awards shows are what brought the couple together, with them having met working on the 2001 Tony Awards. Jan felt like it was a perfect way to begin their marriage as well. She told Vanity Fair, “He has done so many awards shows, and I have worked on so many,” she said. “It feels like this is the way [the proposal] was supposed to be.” Weiss was just relieved that he won the award and was able to follow through on his audacious idea. He told reporters, ”There was no plan B .I don’t know that this was even plan A. This was a thought that grew and grew and then became . . . if this didn’t happen in this way, something else equally big and surprising would have happened.” 

7. Wedding plans

The couple hasn’t announced a wedding date yet but given their combined experience directing and producing major events, it’s sure to be spectacular.

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